Please note this is not a formal reporting platform. This platform is a disclosure tool that you can use to disclose unacceptable behaviour. If you leave a contact email address, you will receive contact from the University to offer support.
Welcome to Anti-Bullying Week 2023
Anti-Bullying Week 2023 took place Monday 13th – Friday 17th November with the theme ‘Make A Noise’. 
We are aware that bullying affects millions of lives and can leave a detrimental impact. This can happen in any environment, including university. Standing Together is a University-wide programme improving wellbeing through tackling unacceptable behaviours and supporting students, and the wider University community, who are directly and indirectly affected. This is why, Anti-Bullying week is so important for our mission to help raise awareness and increase prevention to ensure students and staff enjoy their time at the University of Leicester.

What is Bullying?
Bullying is offensive, abusive, intimidating, malicious or insulting behaviour, or an abuse or misuse of power, which undermines, humiliates, denigrates or injures the recipient.
  • Bullying behaviour includes:
  • Excluding or isolating someone socially.
  • Physically abusing or threatening abuse.
  • Making offensive jokes or comments.
  • Intruding on a person's privacy by pestering, spying or stalking.
You do not have to accept any behaviour that you’re uncomfortable with.

The Standing Together team have provided information on: 

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Dignity and Respect at Leicester
The University of Leicester is committed to ensure our environment and culture is inclusive, safe where students, staff and visitors are treated with dignity and respect.
  • ‘Dignity’ is defined as how people feel and think about their own self-esteem, self-worth and value. 
  • 'Respect'  is defined to have due regard for someone’s feelings, wishes or rights. 
  • Find out what Dignity and Respect means to staff and students at the University
  • The question is why is it important?
     It is crucial for the University's mission in creating an inclusive and safe environment for students, staff and visitors. This is why Standing Together are supporting the Anti-Bullying campaign to help create awareness and the prevention of unacceptable behaviour. 


Anti bullying is not just for anti bullying week!

We will continue to raise awareness around bullying and would encourage you to continue to make your pledge online . If you prefer, you can also make a physical pledge in the Wellbeing Hub (Percy Gee building) and collect your anti-bullying wristbands too! 


You can tell us what happened through this website