In response to Government advice relating to the Covid-19 pandemic the Standing Together Team are currently providing remote support to students until further notice . You are still able to access advice and support through Microsoft Teams and via email and a Case Worker will work with you to deliver support in the most accessible way for you.

We are aware that many people will be at greater risk of abuse during the lockdown period and that many may be feeling unsafe isolating in a house at this time. If you are concerned about someone you know or if you are living with an abusive person, please download the free The Bright Sky app which enables users to locate their nearest support services by searching their area, postcode or current location. Please only download this app if it is safe to do so and you are sure that your mobile phone is not being monitored. 

For out of hours support, you can contact Qwell-they offer online support in addition to 1-1 chat based counselling with a qualified counsellor. No referral is required. 

Information you need to know:

The Student Support Services are part of the University of Leicester. Further information on the institution can be found here. The University of Leicester is the Data Controller for your information. The Data Protection Officer is: Parmjit Gill, Information Assurance Services Manager, Information Assurance Services, University Of Leicester, University Road, Leicester, LE17RH. Tel: 0116 229 7945. Email: pg170@le.ac.uk.

This privacy notice explains how we use your personal information and your rights regarding that information.

What information are we collecting?

The information provided is completely voluntary. All questions are optional, therefore it is your choice to decide what information is appropriate to provide.

Information which we may collect is as follows:

  • Your status (i.e. student or staff)
  • Your college/department
  • Your gender and age
  • How many incidents you would like to tell us about
  • The type of incident(s) (i.e. sexual harassment/ bullying/ hate crime)
  • When and where the incident(s) occurred
  • Whether you know the perpetrator of the incident(s) or not
  • Whether you would like to leave your email address for further contact or not
  • If you want to have furtehr contact with the university, you will also supply your email address 

Why are we collecting your data?

There are two main reasons why the university may need to collect this data:

  • To be aware of any difficulties students may be experiencing at the University of Leicester and to log these incidents on a central system
  • To support the students (and any staff who may be supporting those students), on a one-to-one basis, who have experienced any unacceptable behaviour from others – only if the reporting students wish to be identified 

How will we use this data?

Whether the reporting person wants to be kept anonymous or not, we will keep the incident as a log on this centralised system for us to be aware of what students are experiencing. If the reporting person wishes to be identified, we will use their email address to get in contact with them and support them personally. The data will only be used according to the reporting persons wishes, unless there is a safeguarding breach and then some details may have to be shared (see the sharing your data section below).

What is the legal basis for processing this data?

We will process the data under the legal basis of explicit consent. Therefore, reporting individuals must have to consent to their data being used in the ways outlined in this notice for us to proceed.

If we are sharing your data with others, who are we sharing it with?

Your data will only be shared with designated members of the Student Support Service (linked for more information) as they will have access to the system. However, if there is a safeguarding concern for you or others based on the information provided on the form, we will have to share your information with our Designated Safeguarding Officer and possibly the Police. 

You can report something through this website