Within this mini podcast series we aim to promote thinking around inappropriate behaviours or comments. We want to encourage people to think about the impact of negative attitudes and beliefs, and micro-aggressions and how they can lead to more damaging acts of discrimination and hate. We’ve adapted this Where do you draw the line activity, which was originally created by the University of Manchester to explore the potential impact of these behaviours and to encourage thinking about bystander intervention. 

Episode 1

The Standing Together team discuss scenarios around micro-aggressions, mental health discrimination and micro-invalidation. 

Episode 2 

We’re joined by the Equality and Diversity team to discuss scenarios around mental health discrimination, micro-aggressions and racism.
EDI - Scenario Discussion.3gp 28.51 MB

Episode 3

Tune in with Odette (Standing Together) and the counselling team to hear our discussion around victim blaming, racism and micro-aggressions.

Full Recording
Counselling Team Podcast (Full).3gp 79.64 MB
Counselling Team-Icebreaker.mp3 8.9 MB

Introduction and Scenario 1
Counselling Team - Intro and Scenario 1.3gp 13.98 MB
Scenario 2
Counselling Team- Scenario 2.3gp 10.76 MB
Scenario 3
Counselling Team- Scenario 3.3gp 29.48 MB

Episode 4

The Standing Together team are joined by Mia (SU President) and Karli ( SU Wellbeing Officer) for an exclusive Erase the Grey scenario discussion.

Full Recording

Erase the Grey Podcast (1).3gp 77.27 MB
Introduction and Icebreaker
Erase the Grey- Intro and Icebreaker.3gp 22.8 MB
Scenario 1
Erase the Grey- Scenario 1.3gp 14.26 MB

Scenario 2
Erase the Grey- Scenario 2.3gp 9.97 MB

Scenario 3
Erase the Grey- Scenario 3.3gp 16.16 MB

Scenario 4
Erase the Grey- Scenario 4.3gp 13.51 MB

*More episodes coming soon*


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