Please note this is not a formal reporting platform. This platform is a disclosure tool that you can use to disclose unacceptable behaviour. If you leave a contact email address, you will receive contact from the University to offer support.
What are Hate Crime and Incidents?

A Hate Crime is a criminal offence that is motivated by prejudice, discrimination, and hostility towards an individual’s identity or perceived identity. These can include; disability, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, religion, or any perceived difference. Whereas, a hate incident is any incident in which the victim or third party's belief is based on someone’s prejudice towards them but does not amount to a criminal offence. 

Hate crimes include:
 - Physical Assault
 - Criminal Damage
 - Theft
 - Sexual Assault
 - Burglary
 - Hate Mail
 - Verbal Abuse
 - Displaying or circulating discriminatory literature on posters

Hate Incidents include:
 - Offensive jokes, name-calling
 - Bullying or excluding others
 - Graffiti
 - Hoax calls

It’s important to state that the University of Leicester takes all incidents of hate crime and incidents seriously and believes it’s totally unacceptable. 

 Impact of Hate Crime and Incidents:

The impact of hate crimes and incidents can be detrimental on both an individual and group level.
Impact of Hate Crimes and Incidences

For more information about hate crime, please visit the Leicestershire police advice and information webpage.  

For further information about other reporting and support options, please visit the need help pages on our website.

Free training is available to all here: http://www.centreforhatestudies.com


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