There are many commonly-held myths and misconceptions around hate crime and hate incidents. These can lead to an increased prevalence of these instances, poor support for victim/ survivors, and/ or incorrect outcomes in formal reporting procedures.

Here are some common myths and misconceptions, and the truths to provide the correct information. See our Twitter feed (@UniOfLeics_ST) for more. Email us on if you have any more you'd like us to add. 

Myth: It happens too often to report each one

: Each and every hate incident and hate crime is one too many. The Police want to hear every time you are a victim. Each offence
will be logged and will receive a police response.

: Hate crimes are not just incidents of racial intolerance, but also include religious discrimination, homophobic and transphobic abuse,
disability hate crime and more recently, crimes against older people.

: Although hate crimes seem to be on the rise, many hate crimes go unreported to the police.

You can report something through this website