We have collated a number of resources which we hope you will find useful when dealing with a difficult or traumatic situation. Some are specific to sexual violence, however others relate to the general recovery journey and wellbeing. 

We have included a number of resources that have been shared by survivors of sexual violence which we hope you will find useful. We will continue to add to this resource hub and we would welcome your recommendations. Please email your suggestions to: standingtogether@le.ac.uk 

Disclaimer: In sharing these resources, the University is not endorsing or responsible for the content displayed on external links. The resources may be useful for some, but not others so please bear that in mind, and seek other support if required. 

Books and Journals 

‘The Courage to be me’ by Nina Burrowes 

‘The Little Book of Mindfulness’ by Dr Patrizia Collard (2014) 


‘After: Surviving Sexual Assault’ - Catriona Morton talks to fellow survivors of sexual assault and abuse about their abuse and how they cope now. 


Together Apart: Survivors of trauma living through lockdown- In this video Dr Meg-John Barker and Dr Nina Burrowes discuss the ways in which people who have previous traumas may be responding to the challenges presented by lockdown. 

Social Media and Communal Spaces 

Abuse and Trauma Survivors Support Group for Women- https://www.facebook.com/groups/727271394023767/ 

‘Life Continues After’- a communal space for survivors of sexual trauma- featuring advice, articles and arts. 

Guides and Education 

Survivors UK Network: Self-help guide- a guide for survivors of rape and sexual abuse, who want to understand and process their own personal reactions to their abuse 

Victim Focus: Caring for yourself after sexual violence- a free e-learning course with unlimited access 

Bloom- a free web-based support service designed for anyone who is currently experiencing or has experienced domestic and sexual abuse. They have 5 courses available on their website.

Women's Aid - This federation works to ensure women who are abused are believed and know that it is not their fault. They have put together a list that can help you to recognise if you, or someone you know, are in an abusive relationship.

UAVA - A consortium of specialist providers who support victims of domestic abuse or sexual violence. They have developed a guide for people who think their friend, relative, neighbour or colleague may be in an abusive relationship.


Survivors UK Network: Resources– a list of resources for survivors including self-help guides, tips, videos and galleries. 

A Powerful Poem by Andy Thornton- University of Bath 

You are not a rapist 
You just did a bad thing 
Too much drinking too much 
Partying too much gin. 
You are not a rapist 
You just didn't realise 
From the silence of her mouth 
And the blank look in her eyes 
You are not a rapist 
You're just a lad 
You just wanted a picture 
To prove the sex you had 
You are not a rapist 
You are just a coward 
The fact she couldn't move and feels abused 
Has made you cry for hours 
But you are not a rapist 
Because rapists aren't like you 
They are mean and old and 
Who know what they plan to do. 
But I am a rape victim 
And I am crying too 
And scared to go outside my flat 
All because of you 
And you are not a bad guy 
We were once good friends 
But the way you treated me that night 
Makes me want my life to end 
So you are a rapist 
Regardless of the gin, 
The sadness, the lads, the porn and partying. 
And I am your victim 
And I wish I was okay 
But while I want to forgive you 
I can't take the pain away 
My institution won't pursue it 
And pressing charges takes three years 
So I'll walk around the campus 
Constantly in fear 
But I need you to know 
That what you did was wrong 
Because you are a rapist 
Just from one drunk night gone wrong. 

For more self-help guides and resources specifically related to wellbeing, please click here for the Student Wellbeing Page.



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