What is Spiking?

‘Spiking’ is when an individual puts alcohol or drugs into the victim’s drink or their body by injecting them without their knowledge or their consent. Typically, this occurs in crowded environments where the perpetrator actions can be under detected, such as a club or bar environment. 

Examples of spiking include;
 - Adding alcohol to a non-alcoholic drink without the knowledge and/or consent from the victim.
 - Drugs (legal or illegal) can be added to drinks or injected, either without any knowledge and/or consent or the victim being advised of a different drug or dosage being given. 
 - Being injected using a syringe

Impact of Spiking?

The impact of spiking will depend on; what they were spiked with, the dosage, if they had already consumed alcohol or drugs and their size and weight. Symptoms can come into effect within 15 minutes and can last several hours.

Impact of Spiking
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