Disclosure vs Report
You may see the words 'Disclosure' and 'Report' throughout this website and you may even hear people at the University refer to these words. 

It is important to be clear about the difference between a disclosure and a report.

Disclosing or reporting are separate decisions that result in different levels of response or action by the University.

A disclosure is where someone tells you about their experience, but does not necessarily want action to be taken. A disclosing party should be given time to make an informed choice about whether or not to make a formal report to the police or to the University.

A disclosure does not lead to a report unless you want it to.

A formal report is the first step in a formal disciplinary process. This report is completed by the disclosing/ reporting party (sometimes with support from their case worker) and is sent to the Student Conduct Team to initiate the disciplinary process. The report will ask for information about the nature of an incident as well as any other relevant details. 

A report can also be made to the police by calling 101. A report made to the police is separate from a report made to the University.


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