Please note this is not a formal reporting platform. This platform is a disclosure tool that you can use to disclose unacceptable behaviour. If you leave a contact email address, you will receive contact from the University to offer support.
Standing Together Team
The Standing Together team is based within Student Support services and is made up of male and female case workers. They are trained in receiving disclosures and offering support to students who have been subjected to any form of unacceptable behaviour.  They are also accredited Sexual Violence Liaison Officers (training by Lime Culture). 

We offer practical support and guidance in relation to unacceptable behaviours. Our work involves supporting students on a 1:1 basis, and providing holistic support options and referrals, where relevant. After an initial needs and risk assessment, we can provide students with options in relation to reporting and support. We can also support students in accessing services and can coordinate this. 

 Please also see our interactive leaflet for further information about our role. 


You can tell us what happened through this website